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Ohuku LLC is creating biologically-inspired and artificial intelligence assisted software solutions that enable any user to simulate, predict, visualize and rapidly comprehend complex data components in a variety of next-generation product and service markets.

To learn more about Ohuku click here to visit our page on Gust.

At Ohuku.ai, we're applying biological and natural science principles to create software that simplifies solutions for complicated real-world problems in financial, healthcare, and defense applications. We believe nature can show us the way.

Our biologically-inspired simulations and environments representing complex data empowers users to rapidly comprehend differences in otherwise overly-complex data, leveraging accepted cognitive models that we already understand. Our technology is language-agnostic and applicable across multiple market types. Our users get a more instinctive impression of their data and data relationships, are better able to identify opportunities, and can engage with their intuitive responses to the data.

We call this project LUSH, because it is. No graphs, no tables, no numbers… just nature.

Using our software you can see your stock portfolio as plants in a natural environment. Notice that storm appearing over the edge of the forest? Volatility ahead! Maybe you should move your assets to something less risky.

Or perhaps you notice the tree in the middle (representing an asset in your watch list) is outpacing others. Our AI shows it is getting taller and has more fruit, and birds are flying over it. Could it represent a new investment opportunity? Our expert system has flagged it for you.

As Ohuku technology grows, users will be able to play with their data environment, simulating and predicting outcomes. Our AI will spot the changes and recommend scenarios to achieve ideal outcomes given real world data environments.

To learn more about Ohuku click here to visit our page on Gust.

Our team

Dr. Alexander

Scientist and serial entrepreneur. Ph.D. Biological Sciences. Head of Product at Ohuku.

Dr. Alex Stokes


Beau Buck
Serial entrepreneur and strategic investor with a 20-year track record of building rapidly-growing companies.

Beau Buck


Shawn Slater
Software Engineer. Enjoys solving difficult problems and creating photo-realistic renderings. Lately has been creating VR projects - one recently won an award at a Stanford Symposium for Artificial Intelligence.

Shawn Slater

Software Engineer

Dr. Mark Speck
Ph.D. Microbiology. Data Scientist. Focused on data analysis and visualization of diverse datasets. Enjoys learning new techniques for using diverse multimodal sets of data to find patterns and inference. Finding stories in the data energizes me.

Dr. Mark Speck

Data Scientist

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1022 Prospect Street, #1108

Honolulu, HI 96822

United States